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Could ridicule and laughter be the real weapon to defeat ISIS?

Bono wants comedy to take on ISIS. (AP)

U2’s singer Bono testified at a Senate hearing this week and he got into a little trouble with the internet when he made this quip about dealing with ISIS:

“Don’t laugh, but I think comedy should be deployed,” Bono said on the record.

That’s right – use comedy.

“It’s like you speak violence, then you speak their language,” Bono continued. “But you laugh at them when they’re goose-stepping down the street and it takes away their power. I’m suggesting that the Senate send in Amy Schumer, and Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen.”

Amy Schumer responded to the suggestion with a tweet, and I quote: “Holy $&#*!”

But I’m guessing most of the critics didn’t actually watch the hearing, which included Senator Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire, who agreed with him.

“Actually that’s not the first time I’ve heard something like that. And that is one of the things that I know we are looking at,” Senator Shaheen said.

In fact during WWII we deployed the Three Stooges who had scenes about a dictator from Moronica. The dictator job description: Make speeches, promises plenty, gives nothing, and takes plenty.

“Hmm, a parasite,” Curley exclaimed.

Then there was Donald Duck having a nightmare about working on a Nazi assembly line.

In fact scholars have argued that US politicians constantly warning about terrorists only helps them recruit. Whereas ridicule cuts them down to size. And they know it, and they hate it.

That’s why satire is risky. Which I suppose is why Bono volunteered others to do it. But I have to say, the idea of Sasha Baron Cohen definitely has potential.

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