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Should we allow natural selection to take care of red light violators?

The red light Robin Hood has been on a mission to halt his area's red light camera program. (Matthias Ripp)

Long Island’s red light Robin Hood has been arrested again in New York’s Suffolk County. Stephen Ruth was tired of getting dinged by the red light cameras in his area, so he began protesting them in front of his local legislators.

“Enough!” he screamed at a public meeting. “It is time to end this program immediately out of respect for the lives lost and out of respect for God!”

But when they did nothing, he went out with a long pole and started re-aiming the cameras toward the sky. He even posted an online how-to video showing how to move the cameras.

“In order to do this successfully, you only need … a painter’s extension rod. I’m going to show you how easy it is,” he says on the video.

That finally got him arrested, but the county still did nothing about the cameras. So he began cutting the camera wires and took a TV crew on a tour of his work, telling them that he cut the wires to save lives.

And so this week the cops arrested him again — which is what he wants so he can testify that by causing drivers to speed up on the yellow light, the cameras actually kill more people than they save.

But I have to say, even if the cameras are actually causing all the red light running — think about it. That means there are drivers willing to kill themselves — and you. Just to get out of a ticket.

The video from these cameras — which is all over the internet — reveals the astonishing number of people driving with their eyes closed. It’s terrifying. And I know you’re saying “Dave let natural selection take care of them.” Except they also take out innocent people whose driving gene isn’t defective.

So OK, forget the tickets. Just post the videos … with the names and addresses of the red light runners. And then let natural selection take over.

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