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Republicans now on the ‘same anti-Trump page as Black Lives Matter protesters’

The big debate now in the Republican Party is about how to lose, KIRO Radio's Dave Ross explains. Some in the party are even trying to throw the election to Hillary Clinton. (AP)

It’s weird, but the big debate now in the Republican Party is about how to lose.

Some top Republicans are so desperate to stop Donald Trump that their Plan B, should Trump get the nomination, would be to get former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who dropped out last September, to run as an independent so he could win Texas and throw the election to Hillary Clinton.

They think Trump is that dangerous.

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Of Course, Plan A is to make sure Trump never gets the nomination, which also sounds crazy because he’s obviously energized a lot of new voters and the whole point of democracy is that the American people decide. We’ve been hearing that a lot from Republican leaders lately, as far as the Supreme Court nomination goes.
But what applies to the Supreme Court apparently does not apply to Donald Trump.

It has brought us to this weird place where top Republicans are on the same anti-Trump page as the Black Lives Matter protesters. And both strategies show every sign of backfiring because now Trump can play the victim despite being a billionaire! He can talk about the system trying to steal what’s rightfully his. Just like his supporters who also consider themselves victims of a system that takes that’s theirs.

Trump seems genuinely puzzled by his party’s reaction, and you can see why. Republicans are the part of business and he’s a businessman. His commitment to capitalism is certainly beyond question. In fact, a stronger organization taking over a weaker one is exactly what capitalists are supposed to do.

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