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The political terrain gets more treacherous for Donald Trump’s opponents

If the Republicans haven't figured out a way to stop Donald Trump yet, they're going to have a tough go of it now. (AP)

For the Republicans tonight, it is all about Ohio, where Donald Trump and John Kasich are headed to a photo finish and where one poll actually has Kasich winning.

It is the first real test of the “Never Trump” movement.

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This past week say the main issue in the Trump campaign become the campaign itself. And whether Trump has finally crossed a moral – if not legal line – into actively inciting violence.

Cable news repeated smoking gun clips of the evidence and other candidates tried to call attention to how they handled hecklers.

Ted Cruz spoke with animal rights activist. Marco Rubio took care of a Bernie Sanders infiltrator.

Of course, their hecklers are not quite in the same category as the people who go after Trump who are more like … what’s the phrase I’m looking for? We’ll let Sarah Palin describe them.

“…petty, punk-a** little thuggery stuff that’s been going…” Palin said of Trump protesters.

Palin does have a gift! Not the exact words I might have used, but Trump protesters do exhibit a higher level of passion because they know this is their last chance. CBS News Director of Elections Anthony Salvanto points out that after today, the voting terrain becomes decidedly Trump-friendly.

“…[If] they can’t find a way to stop him in Florida and Ohio, it’s hard to see how they suddenly stop him at all,” he explained.

Especially in areas where voters consider those protesters to be, well, what Palin said.

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