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Single Release: Kris Orlowski – “Walking in my Sleep”

the mixtape and Visible Voice sometimes work in tandem. Below is an example of this.

Kris Orlowski is ready.

Our phone call is happening hours earlier than scheduled, squeezed in while he’s still in Nashville. He’s busy writing songs while seeing a growing circle of friends and industry contacts. He offers to step outside where it’s quieter but I can hear him just fine.

His new album, Often in the Pause, is due out in April and the first tune “Walking in my Sleep” sounds like a departure for the Seattle-based singer-songwriter. There’s more of a rock-radio polish to the production and an unmistakable upward trajectory. He still displays the disarming voice and knack for melody he showed on Believer (2014), but with aims for larger audiences.

“It’s exciting, but it’s kind of scary,” he says of the record, which will consist of 12 songs from varying genres, all revolving around life and it’s carousel of transitions. “The album’s really close to our hearts. It’s a bit of a different me, but I’m excited about it.”
And it sure sounds in his voice. Be sure to take a listen to his new single below.

Go here to pre-order Often in the Pause and view upcoming show dates.

Words by Brian Hodge

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