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Ty Segall to play The Neptune Theatre

Photo Credit: Taylor Wong

Ty Segall sent a VHS tape to Pitchfork magazine in order to announce his new studio album, Emotional Mugger. I’m not very familiar with the music of Ty Segall but knowing that a VHS tape was involved in his album promotion makes me want to explore his catalog. The reason being, formats from yesteryear are cool and most of the time people who like formats from yesteryear are A-ok.

Make sure to visit the bands website to learn about what “emotional mugging” actually is, watch a video of the band playing a live version of their new song, “Candy Sam” plus you’ll find a hot line number to call. That number being 1-800-281-2968.

From the Press Release:
“This album’s about Ty letting loose in the studio. It’s a stark contrast to the methodical recording approach taken on his last album, Manipulator. Ty had a lot of fun making this record, and the tour’s going to possess that same impulsive energy.”

Go here to purchase tickets to Ty Segall at the Neptune Theatre this Thursday, Jan, 21st.

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