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Five home inspection fixes before your open house

In this hot market, it’s best to have your home ready on the first day it hits the market.

A home inspection is a buyer’s opportunity to see if any problems lurk that may prove expensive to fix later. It is also a seller’s chance to show there is nothing to hide in the home.

Home inspections nearly always uncover something in a home to watch for or minor repairs needed. But what repairs should buyers especially be alarmed about that could possibly send them looking elsewhere?

Here are five home inspection red flags:

1. Faulty foundations: A cracked or crumbling foundation could be a very expensive repair.
2. Mold: Pervasive mold growth may indicate an issue with improper ventilation issues and can also cause health issues to those living in the home.
3. Wiring issues: Outdated wiring or overloaded circuits can pose a fire hazard.
4. Termites and pests: The sooner termites are detected, and steps can be taken to get rid of them, the better.
5. Drainage issues: A home that has poor drainage can have wood rot and wet basements and crawlspaces, which can then lead to major mold growth.


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