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Lasagnagate 2015: A heinous workplace crime or misunderstanding?

The KIRO Radio newsroom was the scene of an alleged workplace crime on Tuesday, Feb. 10. ( Skorheim)

Sports news took a back seat on 710 ESPN Seattle Wednesday while Brock and Salk turned their attention to an alleged case of theft in the office kitchen.

The victim, described as a behind-the-scenes worker at 710 ESPN Seattle alleges his lunch, a piece of homemade lasagna, was taken from the office fridge, eaten, and then discarded in the sink.

The alleged perpetrator, however, is believed to be a high-ranking on-air personality in the building that holds not only the 710 ESPN Seattle studios, but also the offices of KIRO Radio and 770 KTTH.

Brock & Salk describe the suspect as “a big deal,” a significant person in the building.

According to the account from the victim, the suspect apparently didn’t try to hide his crime, as the victim observed the suspect eating the lasagna openly in the KIRO Radio newsroom that houses around 50 employees.

“This person is just eating the first person’s lunch out of the Tupperware as if it’s his own,” Salk said. “He just went into the fridge and just said, ‘Hey this must be for me. I’m hungry. I might as well eat somebody else’s food.”

Salk outlined how the offense continued from there: “When he was done, [he] callously tossed it into the sink for one of his peons around to clean.”

“It is, as far as I’m concerned, the worst piece of office behavior I’ve ever heard,” Salk said.

Brock and Salk weren’t sure how to proceed. Do they go to the guy’s boss? Some listeners suggested spiking another dish with pepper or another deterrent to keep this person out of the fridge.

They also discussed bringing him on the show, but were concerned that he had exhibited behavior of a sociopath that might put them at risk.

Producer Kyle explained, “The breakdown between the sociopath and the psychopath as we learned today in terms of criminal behavior, the sociopath has a tendency to leave clues and act on impulse,” which both appear to have occurred in this crime.

“You want to bring the sociopath on the show? Just out him right on the air?” Brock asked.

Salk was unsure. “I don’t know. That could go awry. He’s a sociopath after all. He could find our home addresses.”

While they decided not to go public with the suspect on-air Wednesday, rumors were circulating in the building, leading to an impromptu interrogation during an episode of “Ask Tom & Curley Anything.”

The case will go to the on-air courts Thursday.


On Thursday morning, Brock and Salk welcomed the accused onto their show. John Curley appeared with his co-host Tom Tangney who served as his representation offering many positive character references for the defendant.

Listen: John Curley appears on The Brock and Salk Show

The case also took center stage on The Tom & Curley Show, with the accuser appearing on the show to lay out the charges against Curley.

Listen: Accuser appears on The Tom & Curley Show

You be the jury: Do you think John Curley is guilty of the crime?


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