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–Producer Phil writes

KIRO is just beginning to scratch the surface with the new website, expect many good things to come in the near future as we develop this sucka.

In fact Dori and I are meeting with the webbrains next week to tweak some things and improve the content for Dori’s show. Bookmark the blog page !AHORA! and then be ready to check the Show Log link on the left.

We’ll be adding all kinds of links to berzerk news, web content. Dori and I are always finding insane stuff that you need to hear, read and see.

Oh, and I gotta get equipped to blog from home. That way when something comes up outside of office hours I can post and you won’t have to wait til I hit the office.

Although I really don’t care for Neil Young, “Keep On Rockin’ In the Free World.”

Ohhh, sounds like a talk show topic!

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