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Speaking of Political Campaigns

–Producer Phil writes

So Sen. Hillary Clinton loans herself $5 million to keep the campaign kicking.

Care to read between the lines a bit? What does this say about Sen. Clinton’s ability to effectively spend money? Considering Congress and the current President’s track record for spending money, it isn’t very encouraging to hear that the leading Democratic candidate is facing her own campaign money problems.

And one other early thought based on Romney’s campaign collapse: its pretty much a lock right now that a U.S. Senator is about to be elected President. Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama or Sen. McCain. (If Mike Huckabee is the next U.S. President I will move in with Alec Baldwin so we can commiserate together. And if Mike Huckabee should win the U.S. Presidency it would be the biggest American victory since the 1980 Miracle On Ice.)

John Kerry, Bob Dole, Walter Mondale, George McGovern, Hubert Humphrey, Barry Goldwater (and I’ll throw Al Gore under the bus since he was a Senator before becoming VP), none of them could ascend from the Senate to the White House.

History in the making.

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