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White Center apartment used for dog fights, prostitution

Sheriff’s deputies think an apartment in White Center was used for dog fighting and prostitution.

When a neighbor called deputies about noise in a supposedly vacant unit in the 10600 block of Aqua Way South Seattle, WA , the officers found a lot of blood, some old and some fresh, and several dogs. They also recovered two bite sticks, which are used to pry dogs’ jaws open.

“In total, we recovered four pit bulls, one of whom was fairly severely injured and evidence that led us to believe that there was also prostitution going on at this same apartment,” said King County Sheriff’s Sergeant John Urquhart.

Deputies were directed to a possible suspect and after a standoff, a 26-year old felon with arrests for prostitution and robbery was taken into custody.

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Tim Haeck is a news reporter with KIRO Radio. While Tim is one of our go-to, no-nonsense reporters, he also has a sensationally dry sense of humor and it will surprise some to learn he is a weekend warrior.


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