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Todd Herman

The measure of our freedom

By Todd Herman

One way to measure our freedom is to look at the speed that the Department of Justice or the state attorney generals decide to move on various issues.

A group of state attorney generals got together last week to plan to prosecute entities that deny man-made climate change. The sole purpose of their get together was to prosecute groups that do not to concur with the easily arguable theory that the earth is getting warmer.

Last week they got together to discuss this; this week they’ve already issued subpoenas. Seventeen Democrat state attorney generals are acting as a “star chamber,” all because a group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has a differing opinion on a matter of subjective opinion.

Take a temperature of our freedom to tyranny ratio. Seventeen state AG’s lining up to go up against one conservative group.

How quickly they move to prosecute groups who disagree with them while Hillary’s breach of national security is being labelled as simple “carelessness” by the Obama administration. 

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