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On Your Retirement Solution Podcast, we help to change and improve people's lives by helping to identify the income they need and want to achieve their hopes and dreams in retirement. We call that freedom. Start planning to live the life you always dreamed of today. The purpose of our podcast is to provide financial education about retirement planning strategies and topics that affect today's retirees.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Episode 3 - Happy Trails to You - Happily Ever After by Jim Black Origin of the Book

Throughout his career as a financial planner, Jim Black has been keeping notes: What are retirees biggest concerns? Which financial strategies are retirees benefiting from the most? What financial strategies are they overlooking? When Jim’s father passed away, he decided to put everything together in a book where his mom could easily read it and understand it. His personal project resulted in a humorous and informative financial roadmap for retirees, his book: Happily Ever After, Retirement Doesn’t Have to be Just a Fairytale.   DA-000637.1

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Episode 2 - The Seven Deadly Mistakes People Make Before They Retire

There are many things that can try to block you as you move along the path to achieving  the retirement you always dreamed of.  In this podcast, Jim shares the seven deadly mistakes people can make before they retire, and how he and his team can help guide you through the process of reaching a happily ever after and improving your odds of success in retirement.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Episode 1 - Introduction - Jim Black

Today we interview Jim Black, President and CEO of Absolute Return Solutions and author of the book Happily Ever After, Retirement Does Not Have to be Just a Fairytale. Jim has extensive experience in helping clients transition from receiving the last paycheck they will ever receive from their employer, to having a clear, written plan that identifies the income they need and want in retirement to help achieve their hopes and dreams.