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Danny O'Neil, Dave Wyman, and Jim Moore cover Seattle sports weekdays 3pm to 7pm on 710 ESPN Seattle.

Monday, August 20, 2018

August 20, 2018 - Hour 1

Who helped and hurt themselves the most in the Seahawks' second game of the preseason? Danny, Dave, and Moore discuss that leading off Monday. What do we make of the Mariners after they've tinkered with their roster yet again? In Take Two, the preseason college football AP Poll has been released and the Huskies will have high hopes heading into 2018. Later, the longest tenured Seahawk will no longer be a member of the team, so how will Jon Ryan's Seattle years be remembered?

August 20, 2018 - Hour 2

Did the Seahawks really offer a second round draft pick to the Colts for backup QB Jacoby Brissett? The Professor, John Clayton, joins Danny, Dave, and Moore for a six pack of Cold Hard Facts to discuss that as well as who helped out their own cause in the Seahawks second preseason game over the weekend. Also in the hour, how will Ben Gamel's return to the lineup impact the Mariners' offense against Houston? In Sweeping the Dial, Adrian Peterson is back in the NFL and one highly decorated Olympian continues to flat out dominate her sport like never before.

August 20, 2018 - Hour 3

Danny, Dave, and Moore are joined by Ray Roberts of the Seahawks Radio Network to begin Monday's third hour. The guys gets Roberts' thoughts on the Seahawks offensive line play. Roses and thorns are handed out following the Seahawks' second preseason game of 2018. The day wraps with What We Learned.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Aug. 17, 2018 - Hour 1

Danny and Jim sit down with Mariners second baseman Dee Gordon as he shares his reaction to his game winning homerun against the A's and fields some questions about his youth. This weekend the Mariners play a series against the Dodgers and the Seahawks have their second preseason game against the Chargers, but which game will Danny and Jim be more tuned into? (Dave is currently en route to Los Angeles for the Seahawks broadcast -- so that should answer how he feels)

Aug. 17, 2018 - Hour 2

The Professor is here to tells us everything that happened around the NFL last night and gets us excited for what's to come this weekend. Brad Adam and Angie Mentink join Danny and Jim to have a good ol' time before Angie throws out the first pitch tonight. Finally, they sweep the dial with the news of Chris Berman potentially returning to ESPN's baseball broadcast team, Tyrod Taylor (TUH-rod) not correcting anyone for pronounicing his name wrong for all these years, and Texas' triple play.

Aug. 17, 2018 - Hour 3

Danny and Jim relive their interview with Mariners second baseman Dee Gordon. Mariners insider Shannon Drayer joins the show to give her report following the inter-league series with the Dodgers. Today we learned that Dee Gordon is more than capable of dropping knowledge on Jim, we have plenty of candidates for best hair among Mariners media, and the whereabouts of Wyman.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Aug. 16, 2018 - Hour 1

Danny, Dave and Jim have updates from Seahawks training camp and share which Hawks they are most excited about. The Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto is here for The Jerry Dipoto Show, they chat about Dee's 12th inning homerun and much more. The guys react to some of the comments Jerry made.

Aug. 16, 2018 - Hour 2

As always, the Professor is here to tend to all of our NFL headline needs. Danny, Dave and Jim relive some of the moments from The Jerry Dipoto Show. They sweep the dial with Derrick Lewis claiming to have beat up ten men, Tiger's caddie bribbing a heckler, and Gronk cashin' out on a chain.

Aug. 16, 2018 - Hour 3

Seahawks tight end Nick Vannett joins Danny, Dave and Jim to talk about his new role as the elderstatesman of the Hawks TE group. The silence of Earl Thomas doesn't really feel like it is lingering anymore, but what exactly will the Seahawks do when he returns? The guys offer a few solutions. Today we learned how Danny and Jim's brains work, what the price tag would be to look like Mike Glennon, and some expert dating advice from Nick Vannett.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Aug 15, 2018 - Hour 1

Fresh out of practice Tyler Lockett joins Danny, Dave and Jim to talk about what we can expect from him now that he's 100 percent healthy and how he has matured coming into his fourth year in the NFL. The guys sweep the dial with Puig and Hundley's brawl, Jalen Ramsey's choice comments about Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and Ronald Acuna Jr.'s five-day homerun party.

Aug. 15, 2018 - Hour 2

Up first, the Professor fields a six-pack of questions from Danny, Dave and Jim. Then they relive their interview with Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Today we learned a little about doctors, fantasy football, and how dog years are kind of like football years.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Aug. 14, 2018 - Hour 1

Dont'cha know? Robbie Cano is back! And if anyone still has a problem about his PED use, now is the time to voice those concerns. Ryan Rowland-Smith drops by to chat about the Mariners series with the A's an the return of Robinson Cano. The guys look at the rest of the Mariners schedule and try to gauge their playoff chances.

Aug. 14, 2018 - Hour 2

The Proffesor is in the leadoff spot this hour answering all the NFL questions Danny, Dave and Jim can muster up. Then batting second -- just like our guy Robinson Cano -- Mariners insider Shannon Drayer fields all the questions about Cano's return to the lineup. In the 3-hole, the guys sweep the dial with former WSU quarterback Luke Falk's comments about adjusting to the NFL, the A's Matt Chapman begging Oakland fans to come to games, and Brown's fans might get free beer -- all they need is a win.

Aug. 14, 2018 - Hour 3

Is Tedric Thompson the heir apparent to Earl Thomas' throne? The guys aren't so sure about that. Robinson Cano's return is here and the guys take a minute to express their excitement. Today we finally learned the All Hands On Deck horn sound, Wyman wouldn't be the go-to teammate at a celebrity trivia night, and of course Jim's smokin' locks.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Aug. 13, 2018 - Hour 1

Like being hooked up to a defibrillator, the Mariners were shocked back to life with a series sweep, and Danny, Dave and Jim owe these guys a bit of an apology for their skepticism. James Paxton joins the show from the coliseaum to pitch in his two cents on the resurgance of the Mariners.

Aug. 13, 2018 - Hour 2

The Professor joins the show to give updates on the last of the NFL holdouts and an injury report on players who went down with injuries last weekend. Danny, Dave and Jim previews the Mariners series with Oakland. Finally, they sweep the dial with a life changing experience, per Jim Tomsula, what is next for Maryland football, and Stephan A. Smith losing his mind over the revival of Tiger.

Aug. 13, 2018 - Hour 3

Former UW tight end and current Seahawks rookie Will Dissly sits down with Danny, Dave and Jim to chat about his new role with the Hawks and his humble beginnings from Bozeman, Montana. When will we see Felix next? the guys attempt to answer just that. Today we learned about horn sounds, an excess of cribbage knowledge, and James A. Moore.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Aug. 10, 2018 - Hour 1

The Seahawks saw their first live action of the season last night and Danny, Dave and Jim share their observations from the game. Felix moving to the bullpen is official, the guys offer some insight on what that could mean for the Mariners.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Aug. 9, 2018 - Hour 1

Danny, Dave and Jim dive right into what they're looking forward to in the Hawks first preseason game. John Clayton hops on the show to handle all the NFL headlines from today. The guys listen in to Scott Servais who commented on the lineup changes made today.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Aug. 8, 2018 - Hour 1

Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto joins the show after a disappointing loss to talk about how his club will turn this slump around and the fate of Felix. Then, the guys make some speculation of their own about where Felix will end up.