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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Officials, historians slam 'horrendous' plan to close Seattle National Archives

Local officials and historians weigh in on the possible closure of the Seattle National Archives, as they scramble to save it from leaving the region for good. 

Dori: Three Strikes felon Inslee pardoned twice now wanted in California

A Three Strikes felon who ran away after twice being granted clemency by Governor Inslee is now wanted for new crimes in California. 

Dori: Inslee worries about coronavirus, not medieval diseases in encampments

Isn't it funny how Jay Inslee cares so much about one case of coronavirus, but not about the diseases flourishing in homeless encampments?

Josh Hammer from the Daily Wire talks on impeachment

Josh Hammer (Daily Wire editor at large and lawyer) on impeachment

Superintendent Reykdal: Grades K-4 won't teach sexual topics with sex ed bill

Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal says that a sex ed bill in the Legislature will not bring sexual topics to kindergarten classrooms.