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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Would traffic improve if Seattle had same accountability as private sector?

The annual traffic report from SDOT shows a slight decrease in cars on the road, but for Curley, the road diet is more about eliminating cars than increasing traffic efficiency.

Dori: Dow Constantine creates homeless problems, demands we fund solutions

King County Executive Dow Constantine acts like he has a great moral duty to solve the homelessness crisis -- but with his drug-embracing policies, he is an architect of this crisis.

Tim Eyman explains bankruptcy, divorce email

Tim Eyman explains why he sent out an email to the media describing his bankruptcy and divorce, and alerts voters that he has nearly attained the required number of $30 car tabs signatures.

Dori: DUI leniency in this state is pathetic, puts us all at risk

The DUI laws in this state are far too lax if a driver can get six DUIs and put a person in a coma, yet not be charged with a felony.

To practice gratitude, an author thanks a thousand people who contributed to his morning coffee

In his new book, "Thanks a Thousand" AJ Jacobs thanks everyone from his barista to the rubber growers who make the rubber for the tires that drive the truck that delivers the coffee beans to the cafe.