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Tuesday Morning Co-worker Outrage of the Day

–Producer Phil writes

OK. Last week I posted about somebody messing with the TiVo I program for Dori’s show so we can dub worthwhile audio from news and entertainment shows. I now have a new co-worker outrage.

As I arrive this morning, one of my co-workers emerges from the bathroom with a couple of sections of newspapers and proceeds to walk to a table in the news room where all of the day’s review subscriptions sit for people to access.

The co-worker then re-inserts the different sections he was reading in the bathroom back into the newspapers sitting on the table in the newsroom.



(artist re-enactment of the bathroom incident)

Dude, just leave ’em in the bathroom after you’ve taken them into the stall to read.

That’s just wrong.

Messing with the TiVo or re-allocation of the bathroom newspaper. Which is the bigger outrage? You decide!

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