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710 KIRO Look-a-Likes: Part I

–Producer Phil writes

Since Mitt Romney declared his candidacy for President, I’ve been telling anyone that will listen that 710 KIRO news anchor Tony Miner looks exactly like the former Massachusetts Governor. Now I finally have the website authority to prove it.

Here’s the news anchor.


(above, 710 KIRO’s Tony Miner)

Now, the doppleganger…


(above Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney)

  • Forehead=same
  • Lusterous hair that would make John Edwards proud=same
  • Cheek bones and magnetic smile=same
  • Semi-bushy eyebrows=same

Spitting image, people.

Tune in next time when I tell you that 710 KIRO’s Ron Upshaw looks like the creator of “Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog”.

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