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Joe the Plumber

Thursday’s commentary:

Read along:

Well I guess we all know who won that debate:

“Name’s Joe Wurzelbacher.”- Joe

John McCain didn’t get the name quite right:

“Name is Joe Wurzelburger.”- McCain

But by the end of the evening he was simply calling him Joe The Plumber. For a moment I though he was going to appoint him Secretary of Labor.

“These small business people, like Joe the Plumber, are going to create jobs unless you take that money from him and spread the wealth around.”- McCain

Barack Obama would spread the wealth around, and he’d do it at the expense of Joe The Plumber.

And that’s true under Obama’s tax plan IF Joe The Plumber makes more than $250,000. But listen to what Joe himself he told Katic Couric on the post debate webcast:

“Would you be in that category?”- Katie
“Not right now.”- Joe

So Joe would actually get a tax CUT! You see, Joe didn’t mention his income when he originally encountered Obama in back in Ohio.

He said he was worried about higher taxes on the small business he was intending to buy. Well, getting a tax cut should actually help him save up the money for that business FASTER.

But Dave, you say, suppose he buys the business and gets rich? Good point. That actually came up during the chat with Obama back in Ohio.

“For small business people, I’m going to eliminate the capital gains tax. I’d have to look at your particular business, but you might end up paying lower taxes under my plan and my approach than under John McCain’s plan.”- Obama

So there it is — the clear winner in the deabte: Joe the Plumber. Whoever is president, he’s gettin’ rich. And the loser? Well, a bad night for Joe Sixpack, I’m afraid. Not one camera truck at The Sixpack house last night. Because America finally has its priorities straight: that the most important person in any society is not the beer drinker, but the guy who makes sure his toilets flush.


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