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Eating and drinking your hangover cures

When you wake up a little out of sorts, or maybe with a headache or a touchy stomach, what should you eat? (AP Photo/File)

Chef Tom Douglas says that a hangover is a “mistake” that shouldn’t be piled on. He doesn’t believe in “hair of the dog.”

“You should feed the dog, not take the dog to the bar.”

That doesn’t mean that he, Thierry Rautureau, and Katie O, on KIRO Radio’s Seattle Kitchen, don’t have their share of hangover tips – or even some great recommendations for whipping up a Bloody Mary, a very popular hangover combatant.

When you wake up a little out of sorts, maybe with a headache or a touchy stomach, what should you eat?

For Thierry, it’s simple: two eggs sunny side up and a nice piece of toast.

Tom likes something a little heavier. He goes for griddled Italian sausage, a plate of hashbrowns, and sauteed spinach.

Of course, if you’re hungover, cooking it might not sound as appealing as going out. That’s why Tom likes to order up his favorite hangover dish at Vera’s in Ballard. He said he orders his spinach from the omelet menu, and they’re kind enough to put it on the side.

If, unlike Tom, you prefer to drink your breakfast, they also have suggestions for the ideal Bloody Mary.

Tom thinks it’s the special ingredients that make some Bloody Marys rise to the top while others fall a little flat.

At Etta’s, they make their Bloody Mary’s with Pepper Vodka and plenty of horse radish. And that’s how Katie O likes them – with a lot of heat.

Meanwhile, over at Luc’s, Thierry makes Bloody Marys with asparagus they pickle at the restaurant, giving it a special twist.

Katie O says Matt’s in the Market serves their Bloody Marys with snit or beer back. “It’s a Midwestern thing,” Katie O explains.

Perhaps a mix of these would cure a hangover, take Thierry’s Bloody Mary with pickled asparagus and pair with Tom’s favorite griddled Italian sausage and spinach. How does your stomach feel now?

Seattle Kitchen with Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau can be heard on KIRO Radio on demand at

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