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Seattle Kitchen suggests some ‘super’ brews, cocktails for game day

Don't bore your guests with the same old boring beers and cocktails. The Seattle Kitchen Show offers some fresh options to bring your party up to a "super" level. (AP photo/file)

The Seattle Kitchen Show observes an interesting irony about a Super Bowl celebrations when it comes to food and beverage: “On the most famous sports day in America, everyone reverts to worst things to eat and drink in America,” says Seattle Kitchen host and chef Tom Douglas.

So in trying to up the offerings to match the stature of the occasion, The Seattle Kitchen Show is trying to come up with alternatives to the low-bar drinks typically offered Super Bowl Sunday.

Of course a big staple on game day is beer, but you don’t necessarily have to go with the same old boring options.

Adam Chumas, the man behind the beverages at all of the Tom Douglas restaurants, has some fresh ideas.

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Because it’s a long game, Chumas says he recommends finding beers with pretty low in alcohol content.

“One of my favorite breweries that’s up in Ballard, Stoup, is doing a session IPA that comes in at 4.9 percent alcohol. It’s great. You get all of the balance of the hops and the malt character but without being watered down like a light beer,” says Chumas. “It’s got lots of craft character for people who want to enjoy it all the way through the game.”

Another local offering Chumas suggests can be found in Fremont.

Fremont Brewing Company just released their late winter release, the 77 Fremont Select, which comes in at 4.0 percent alcohol by volume. That is just a great refreshing craft style beer to drink.”

If you’re a pilsner fan, Chumas says the best in Washington state is Chuckanut, from up in Bellingham. Chumas says they have growlers available now for a reasonable price.

As for cocktails, he notes there’s always a lot of nachos and chips and dips at a Super Bowl party, so margaritas are a great Super Bowl drink.

“If you want to come to a party with a big batch of margarita, that’s something you can make at home beforehand and bring in a nice pitcher and serve throughout the game,” says Chumas. “It’s light. It’s refreshing.”

Keeping drinks light and keeping alcohol content low means its more likely guests will be able to enjoy them for the duration, says Chumas. Drinks without an overbearing flavor also won’t overwhelm all the other tastes fans will be enjoying in your Super Bowl spread, he notes.


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