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Jerry Brown outlaws small towns

California Gov. Jerry Brown holds a signed bill creating the highest statewide minimum wage at $15 an hour by 2022 at the Ronald Reagan building in Los Angeles, Monday, April 4, 2016. (AP)

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of the Todd Herman Show.

This election is about so much. It’s about either the return of the rule of law or a further walk down the path on the rule of whim.

Do we want to keep making it more and more expensive to hire employees? Do we want to fool people into joining a subsistence class? And whatever happened to the starter job?

California lawmakers and public employee unions recently cut a deal to avoid a ballot battle over a $15/hour minimum wage within the state. Now, Governor Jerry Brown has officially signed it into law.

Jerry Brown, has effectively outlawed small towns; economically. People move to small towns because of the lower cost of living. But now, if you live in a small town in California, that’s over.

Brown says, economically, a high minimum wage may not make sense, but it does morally. Is it moral to kill small businesses in places like Redding, California?

The California leaders know that it doesn’t make economic sense. It only makes political sense; for those that are implementing these kind of minimum wage laws.

And it can’t make sense because the economy doesn’t support it there or here in WA state. There’s no central industry in places like Redding, CA. No Silicon Valley; no Hollywood.

What this does on a nationwide basis is eliminate starter jobs. Now those starter jobs will be eliminated or automated. And we will have a catastrophic subsistence economy.

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of the Todd Herman Show.

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