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Feel free to let people underestimate you

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is one of Todd Herman's heroes. (AP)

The band Iron Maiden recently played in Tacoma.  Their lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, is more than just a singer for a rock band. He’s a modern day renaissance man.

He’s a world-class fencer. He learned how to fly a 747 because he didn’t like paying people to fly his band around. And he’s also a businessman. He wrote a software program that helped his band figure out the most financially profitable and efficient way to tour.

This is a guy who is the lead singer of a rock band who puts Satanic looking puppets on his record covers.

It’s such a great thing to see a guy who does things that we’re told we can’t do. We’re told that we have to go to an Ivy League college and get hundreds of thousand dollars in debt.

But Bruce Dickinson is proof positive that not everyone has to take the same path.

The prescription for all things progressive is that everyone has to go down same road.  For them, it all comes down to one size fits all.  Everyone is supposed to believe and think and act the same way.

But people like Bruce Dickinson prove that the one-size-fits-all approach of modern day progressivism is hogwash; as he flies around on his 747 richer than any college president.

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