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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s work habits leave much to be desired published a piece last week that shows Jay Inslee’s work habits. (AP)

By Todd Herman

You work long hours, right?  And once in a while, you get to take a shorter day. How about if you got to do that every day? Jay Inslee does. published a piece last week that shows Jay Inslee’s work habits.  He goes in late and leaves early. Now, when I’ve run businesses, my day starts at 5 a.m. And it consumes my entire day. But Inslee would typically end his work day around 4:30 or 5 pm. Inslee’s priorities seem to be about getting Democrats elected.  A whole lot of his time is spent in campaign activities. Shouldn’t his pay be deducted for that? Isn’t he supposed to be working for the state of Washington?

And have you noticed, Democrats, that almost none of Inslee’s priority issues have passed? Not his budget, nor his clean air rules.

You know, we have someone on the docket who will work really hard for WA state — Bill Bryant!

Inslee is exhibiting ruling-class behavior; taking hard working people’s money for minimal work. You have leverage over Jay Inslee, Washington Democrats. Use it. Or put Bill Bryant in charge.

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