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Truck spills load of human waste after crashing on I-5 off-ramp

One of two trailers tipped over and spilled human waste along the I-5 offramp to Highway 2 in Everett. (Washington State Patrol)

Human waste covered the southbound I-5 off-ramp to Highway 2 in Everett after a semi-truck crashed there Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. when the truck hauling two trailers was using the off-ramp — one was carrying human waste.

The truck has been cleared but the off-ramp stayed closed until about 7:30 p.m. Trooper Francis notes that the waste is treated.

“While the semi was taking that sweeping left curve, it left the roadway and went up on an embankment, rolled onto its side and tipped one of its trailers — tipping all of that product out of that trailer,” said Washington State Trooper Mark Francis. “It also caused a small diesel spill from the diesel in that semi.”

One person was injured.

It is unknown how much waste the trailer was carrying, but the truck and two trailers amounted to 101,000 pounds.

“Treated human waste almost looks like a mulch, but it’s still going to be disgusting and still gong to have to be cleaned up,” he said.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is advising drivers to roll up their windows while driving past the stinky incident in Everett.


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