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UW considering placing homeless tent city on Seattle campus

Tent City 3 is another university-based homeless encampment in Seattle at Seattle Pacific University. (University of Washington)

As Seattle continues to engage the homeless crisis that has become a part of daily conversation, one more voice is being added to the discussion &#8212 the University of Washington.

The University of Washington announced it is considering placing a tent city on its campus in Seattle.

The tent city would be established in the winter quarter of 2017 for a maximum of 100 residents &#8212 over three months. It would have security provided by UW police, and residents would be screened for sex offender status. As with other tent cities, no drugs or alcohol would be allowed. Water and sanitation services would be provided. UW notes that no taxpayer or student funding would go into the tent city &#8212 it will be funded through donations.

Sites initially being considered for the tent city include: the More Hall Annex Plaza; parking lot W41 near Campus Parkway; and parking lot W35 near the fisheries and sciences building; parking lot N5 near the Theodor Jacobsen Observatory; parking lots E1, E18 and E12 near the stadium; and parking lot W12 near the ethnic cultural center.

It is being conceived with assistance from Tent City 3, organized by SHARE and was located at Seattle Pacific University during the 2012 and 2015 winter quarters. UW Organizers are now engaging the public for input on how to proceed with the idea and are holding open houses on April 11-12 to discuss the tent city.

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