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Bernie Sanders finally surrenders to Charlie Rose

The consensus seems to be that Bernie Sanders crossed a line when, at a Wednesday rally, he said this about Hillary Clinton: “I don’t believe that she is qualified…”

Not qualified to be president! That sounded like a line from a Republican.

So on last night’s CBS Evening news, Sanders explained to Charlie Rose he was responding to a Washington Post headline: “Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president.”

But did she really say that about him?

I went back and checked the interview on MSNBC the headline was referring to &#8212 where Mrs. Clinton was asked if she believes Sanders is qualified. She deflected the question so Joe Scarborough asked again. And Clinton also deflect that. So he asked yet again. Amd another deflection.

Clinton may have hinted but she never actually said that Sanders was “not qualified.”

So on the evening news Charlie Rose, after four and a half minutes of cross-examination, finally got Bernie Sanders to surrender.

“If Hillary Clinton is the nominee, you will be supporting her?” Rose asked Sanders.

“I think the idea of a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz presidency would be an unmitigated disaster,” Sanders responded. “And if Secretary Clinton is the nominee I will certainly support her.”

Cruz and Trump may have started a civil war among the Republicans, but it looks like they’ve prevented one among the Democrats.

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