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Todd Herman

A contested convention gives us a chance to explain the true meaning of conservatism

By Todd Herman

With the likelihood of a contested convention happening this summer, we talked last week about the positive side of all eyes being turned to the Republican Party in July.

Pundits seem to think that an entirely fresh face may swoop down into Cleveland and win the nomination.

But a guy named Charlie Cook (and Nate Silver) make a persuasive case that it is unlikely, given the delegate count and the processes that it would involve, for a fresh face to arise in Cleveland. It basically comes down to the numbers. Trump and Cruz will control 80 percent of the delegates at the convention. If a rule change comes about at the convention, Trump and Cruz delegates probably won’t go along with it. 

And Cruz has a better ground game, which means there are people in each state talking to people who are likely to be delegates.  And these delegates are persuadable; they can be leveraged.

And we’ve seen that Marco Rubio is trying to hold on to all his delegates. Rubio has delegates with which he could help “king make.” But it’s not enough delegates to crown a “prince of new.”

That means that if Republicans can get their heads together and put people like Ben Sasse and Mia Love on the Convention stage, there is a chance that Republicans can get their message out to the masses. We have a great opportunity to explain what conservatism really means.

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