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John Curley actually appreciates TSA and its lines

John Curley enjoys how TSA is a constant reminder of the government's inefficiencies. (AP)

It’s not that he likes the lines. He hates them. But there is something about TSA which herds people through airport security lines that KIRO Radio’s John Curley actually appreciates.

“I personally like TSA because it’s a constant reminder to the person that the government is inefficient,” he said.

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With lines at Sea-Tac reaching upwards of an hour during peak hours, airport director Lance Lyttle said Thursday he is considering all options, including replacing the TSA with private security contractors.

Curley doesn’t want to see a change. He says most people get fleetingly few experiences with government’s inefficiencies, such as visits to the DMV every couple years to replace a stolen driver’s license or to renew a passport.

“Very few of us actually have to come in contact every single day,” Curley said. “I like the fact that TSA is a constant reminder of the inefficiency, the bureaucracy and the unfeeling nature of government,” he said. “So I like it in place. It’s like the Mount Rushmore that people get a chance to visit once or twice a year when they fly. That’s why I like TSA.”

Co-host Tom Tangney says Curley might be taking Sea-Tac’s airport situation out of context.

“The reason things are so bad at Sea-Tac has nothing to do with TSA, per se,” he said. “It has to do with the fact that we are the fastest growing airport and we, in the last two years, have grown by 20 percent.”

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