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This is how John Curley breaks his 13-year-old’s spirit

Apparently John Curley fights with his 13-year-old son, Ry, by staring at you "like you're insane. (John Curley)

The New York Times has advice on how best to fight with your teenager. Among the distinct styles of approach: attacking, withdrawing, complying and problem-solving. What studies have found to be the key: getting teenagers consider arguments from both sides.

But that’s not how KIRO Radio’s John Curley handles it, according to his 13-year-old son, Ry Curley.

“Dad takes a different approach,” said Ry, in studio during his spring break. “If I request something that’s completely out of hand, or obviously something that is stupid &#8212 not that I’ve done that a lot &#8212 he stares at you like you’re insane and just breaks down your idea until you feel worthless. He’s not screaming, and I would rather have him screaming, because it’s really humiliating.”

With that said, Ry said he’d pick his dad over Mad Men’s Don Draper and Frank underwood, from House of Cards. Though he did have nice thing to say about Underwood.

“He’s ambitious,” Ry said.

Listen below to Curley’s co-host, Tom Tangney, use a different tactic to convince Ry not to go drag racing.

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