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Dori: Jay Inslee, Ed Murray and Amazon are wasting time with ‘symbolism’

Dori calls Mayor Ed Murray and Gov. Jay Inslee's responses to recent controversial North Carolina legislation as nothing but "symbolism. (AP)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray are among the government officials who have placed a ban on government employee travel to North Carolina in response to the state’s anti-transgender legislation.

Color KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson unimpressed by what he refers to as nothing but “symbolism.”

“The fact is it is none of our business what North Carolina chooses to do,” he said. “The symbolic gestures — which are for no reason other than you can get a slap on the back from the fellow politically correct nonsense crowd — mean nothing.”

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Dori does have a suggestion for the governor, though.

“Governor, while you’re at it, let’s find something in every state to get upset about,” he said. “Let’s eliminate all state employee travel. Do everything via Skype; save us a few bucks if you’re going to do this instead of this symbolism.”

Dori believes Inslee’s action is a prime example of one of state leadership’s main problems: lack of focus.

“Focus is everything,” he said. “You need to laser in on things like gridlock, being able to balance a state budget, on taxes that have gone through the roof. Focus on the things that actually matter to your constituents instead of things that matter to people in North Carolina.”

Dori didn’t limit his rant to politicians, also taking aim at businesses that participate in social media activism so long as it doesn’t impact the bottom line. That includes Amazon, which sent a statement to KIRO 7 saying the company opposed discriminatory laws.

“If you’ve got concern with the law, Amazon, why don’t you stop selling to people in North Carolina?” Dori asked. “Why don’t you actually do something that would actually impact your bottom line instead of sending out a statement?”

“But, again, you just want to make sure you’re on the side of political correctness,” he said. “It’s all symbolism and frankly I think people are getting tired of symbolism. We’d rather have leaders that focused on things that affect our daily lives.”

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