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Thought experiment: If something happened to Donald Trump, could anyone replace him?

Michael Medved says that, from the beginning, Donald Trump's presidential campaign has been about personality, not policy. (AP)

By Michael Medved

A quick thought experiment reveals the real nature of the movement Donald Trump has inspired.

Imagine that Mr. Trump, who turns 70 in June, suffered a sudden health crisis and became incapacitated. Could anyone possibly replace him as head of his movement &#8212 advancing his ideals and programs to “Make America Great Again!”?

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From the beginning, his campaign has been about personality, not policy. Supporters believe he alone possesses the superhuman power to make great trade deals, repair an ailing economy, enforce border security, end corrupt political deals and bring home jobs from abroad. Bitter arguments over the magical abilities of one all-powerful leader to impose his vague vision are typical of dictatorships and monarchies, but unworthy of a democratic republic.

Just as we believe in a government of laws and not of men, we should conduct elections that are about ideas, not individuals &#8212 no matter how compelling or controversial those individuals may be.

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