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Seattle Kitchen’s guide to Super Bowl Feast Mode

The Seattle Kitchen Show is helping you make your Super Bowl food a spread fit for champions. (AP Photo/file)

For the first Seahawks Super Bowl win, it might have been acceptable to throw together some chips and dip and call it a meal, but now the team is taking it to the next level and the 12s are going to have to step up and get into Feast Mode.

Building up your Seahawks Super Bowl spread is where The Seattle Kitchen Show comes in. Hosts Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau have some ideas to make yours a Super Bowl party fit for champions.

They start their menu suggestions with a twist on a great couch snack food: pork rinds. While a traditional football grub, Douglas says the kind you get at the store taste like sawdust. He wants a more tasty variety.

“I’d go down to Chinatown, go to my favorite barbecue window where you see all the stuff hanging. They make what they call side-pork. It’s just a half a pig but they do it in a round oven so the flame is on that skin all the way around that pig. What happens is the skin gets puffy like a chicharon (pork rind) but it’s attached to fat and meat of the pig so it’s like chicharon plus,” says Douglas. “It’s really just salty, delicious, good drippy pig.”

Another classic football food is chicken wings. Thierry has a French twist to class up this staple. He doesn’t go in for a lot of sauces. He says it’s all about using a salt and spice grind that keeps wings clean, yet tasty. His secret spice ingredients include coriander and cumin. He says a good pork rub can also do wonders for wings.

Pulled pork sliders are another fantastic game-day option, but how do you make them stand out from what you’d find at an Applebee’s?

Thierry says mushrooms can make a world of difference in this dish. “It’s really good if you have some good mushrooms. You dice them really small, quick sautee, give a little heat maybe, add that to your mixture of pulled pork, it’s going to dress up your pulled pork.”

Or, you can go the Tom Douglas route, which is to really focus on the quality and crispness of the bun.

“The simplest way to make a slider better is to take the bun, butter it, and toast it,” says Douglas.

For more tips on your Super Bowl spread, tune in to The Seattle Kitchen Show on 97.3 KIRO FM Sunday 10 a.m. to noon.


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