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Commuters can expect major changes to their SR 520 drive into Seattle

The ramp to Lake Washington Boulevard closes permanently Tuesday night, KIRO Radio's Chris Sullivan reports. (Chris Sullivan/KIRO Radio)

Be prepared for major changes to your westbound drive over the 520 bridge.

The ramp to Lake Washington Boulevard closes permanently Tuesday night.

Westbound drivers heading to Lake Washington Boulevard will be using a new ramp a little further to the west on Wednesday morning.

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It’s the same ramp drivers now use to get off at Montlake.
“This will be something different,” said 520 bridge Construction Manager Brian Dobbins.

There are two lanes on this ramp to the old 24th Street overpass. Both turn left to access Lake Washington Boulevard. The Washington State Department of Transportation will close 520 westbound Tuesday night over the lake to tie-in the new ramp. The Jersey barrier will be extended, restriping will be done and more stop signs will be added.

Drivers will also notice new signs along State Route 520 tomorrow, reminding them that their route has changed.

“Signs that start all the way from I-405 that say there’s a new off-ramp to Lake Washington Boulevard,” Dobbins explained.

This new route will add more cars to the residential section of Lake Washington Boulevard prior to the arboretum, but Dobbins doesn’t think it will cause big problems.

“All the people that use the existing off ramp today, all live in North Capitol Hill and Madison Park,” he said.

As for the floating bridge itself, we should get a firm date on when it will open next week.


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