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Starbucks puts Starbucks out of business in Seattle

Starbucks had to make way for its competitor, Starbucks, when a new coffee shop moved in two storefronts down on Fremont Ave. in Seattle. ( Photo/Riley Elliott)

It happens a lot, the big corporations come in and put the little guys out of business. This time it was Seattle-based mega-corporation Starbucks putting neighborhood coffee shop Starbucks out of business.

OK, not quite. In Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, a Starbucks did close down, but only so it could move two storefronts south on Fremont Avenue and open up in a bigger, two-story location.

The Fremont Starbucks now occupies the corner of Fremont Ave N & N 34th Ave. It’s the former location of Peet’s Coffee and Tea, which closed after owners reportedly decided not to renew their 10-year lease.

The corner has also previously been home to the Red Door, then the “Red Door Ale House,” for 80 years, before it was moved in 2001, as the Seattle PI reported.


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